In his role as a computer scientist and New York Times bestselling author, Cal Newport is known for his writing about the impact of technology on society, and the struggle to work and live deeply in a world increasingly mired in digital distractions. On the Deep Questions podcast, Cal answers questions and shares case studies about putting these ideas into practice in the real world. Inquires

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Cal Newport

The Deep Life

TDL is the online home of the Deep Life Movement, which argues for the importance of focus in a world increasingly deluged by distraction. “The deep life” is a term coined by professor and writer Cal Newport, who explored the costs of shallowness and the joys of depth in his bestselling books, including Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, his long-running email newsletter, and his regular articles for publications such as The New Yorker (where he’s a contributing writer). TDL brings together in one place all of the online content relevant to members of the deep life movement.