Ep. 143: Is the Era of Social Media Ending?

Below are the questions covered in today’s episode (with their timestamps). For instructions on submitting your own questions, go to


– What time management strategies do you suggest if I work a 9-5 and want to pursue master’s or phd? [11:57]
– How to overcome productivity pr0n?
– Lifehacker addict is hung up on the fomo (fear of missing out) of potential shortcuts [18:16]
could save time
– How to time block deep work while juggling the demands of “in the moment questions”. [23:30]
– Pharmacist manager gets bogged down with constant questions despite needing time to do deep work.
– How do you differentiate productive meditation with “day-dreaming mode” to solve problems? [27:17]
– Relaxing the pre-frontal cortex
– What are your thoughts on scaling up for sole proprietors? [30:25]
– A digital marketer thinking of outsourcing for book keeping, etc.


– What do you do/read to keep the path of living a deep life? [33:46]
– What’s your class policy regarding your students and their phone use? [37:27]
– How do you combat confirmation bias as an author and academic? [39:48]

– How do you balance reading new books and re-reading books (especially past ones that have proven valuable)?

Thanks to Jay Kerstens for the intro music and Mark Miles for mastering.