Ep 206: Striving to do less

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Video from today’s episode:

With Cal away on vacation, he decides to tackle 8 questions in a row, all in one take, with no breaks, covering everything from getting a tech job to maintaining a social life.

– Ian Fleming’s writing process (1:10)


– How can I get a tech job without credentials? (8:04)
– How do I make progress on tasks in a chaotic job? (10:49)
– Why do you have a problem with social media? (16:09)
– What should I do to succeed in my first internship? (24:18)
– What does Cal think about YouTube shorts? (26:37)
– Is it possible to avoid studying all the time in medical school? (29:11)
– What do you think of Oliver Burkeman’s work on productivity in Four Thousand Weeks? (37:58)
– Can I maintain a social life if I move to the country? (43:41)

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