Ep. 216: Deep Walking To Work Less

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– Does walking help or hurt my work? [25:00]
– How do I tame the flow of work from outside teams? [29:10]
– Do performers need an active social media presence? [33:04]
– CALL: Should Robert keep on a writing role? [33:20]
– CALL: Should Robert be worried about his full-time job discovering his side job? [39:17]
– Are newsletters the new blogs? [44:35]
– How can I prevent my law clients from interrupting me so much? [53:35]
– Is Cal’s prediction about the rise of virtual screens a ‘hellscape’? [56:20]

– CASE STUDY: What should I put on my new website? [1:10:00]

– How do I complete things on time? [1:17:55]
– How do I take notes on a complicated project? [1:20:01]
– How can I buckle down and finish my novel? [1:22:10]

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