Ep. 218: Work vs. Meaning

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– Work vs. Meaning [4:53]


– How do I design a life I love? [33:30]
– Is it okay that I use adult coloring books? [47:16]
– Is listening to music a good source of solitude? [49:30]
– How do I enjoy the present while planning for a deeper future? [54:45]
– CALL: Should I take over my dad’s business? [1:03:20]
– How do I stop bing-watching YouTube after work? [1:11:59]
– Does Cal process his WorkingMemory.txt file to empty every day? [1:18:02]
– Does Cal keep a journal? [1:22:15]


– Holly Black’s enchanted home [1:30:00]

– Bram Stoker’s “method writing” [1:34:19]

– A new deep life bucket [1:36:00]

– The deep life of a professional stone skipper [1:37:45]

Stone Skipping Is a Lost Art. Kurt Steiner Wants the World to Find It.

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