Ep. 226: The Productivity Dragon

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– CALL: How do I balance different productivity systems? [5:24]
– How do I deal with a sudden increase in my work responsibilities? [12:30]
– How use the “waiting for” column on my task board when crafting a weekly plan? [18:40]

– If I adopt a natural pace to my work will I lose the race to success? [31:10]
– Should I quit my job to pursue a new business idea? [45:15]
– How do I handle a short period of having too much work? [50:20]
– I’ve lost my will to work. What do I do? [56:35]
– Does Cal get annoyed when people incorrectly cite his ideas? [1:03:05]


– Books I Read in November 2022 [1:11:42]

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