Ep. 229: Developing Discipline

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– How do I find time to study for a better job? [5:04]
– How do I find rare and valuable skills to develop? [8:25]
– How do I develop discipline if I have an easy job? [12:23]


A graduate student with 5 kids takes control of his life [29:44]

– Should I work or spend all my time with my son? [35:39]
– How do I manage a strategic plan with lots of unpredictable projects? [42:45]
– How does role-based communication work? [46:00]
– How do I plan projects with unpredictable time demands? [50:46]
– Should I move my family across the country to accept my dream job? [52:46]
– How do you make time for Quality time with your wife with such a busy schedule? [58:33]
– Does Cal write reports on the books he reads? [1:01:10]
– Does slow productivity apply only to knowledge workers? [1:07:07]
– Why do my side hustles fail? [1:10:25]

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