Ep. 240: Disciplined Laziness

You can’t just turn a “work harder” or “relax” knob. Once you realize that productivity ideas can offer you great autonomy in shaping your life – however you decide to do that – your relationship with it becomes more nuanced and fruitful. Productivity can be understood as applying organization tools and deliberate processes to take back control of your obligations.

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– Is productivity about optimization or autonomy? [6:05]


– Should I start a blog to prepare to write a book? [23:20]
– How do I recover from burn out? [30:15]
– How do I prioritize when I have too many interests? [35:23]
– Should I ditch my side hustle? [39:26]
– How do I convince my self-focused colleagues to participate in more efficient group systems? [43:28]


– The five books I read in February 2023 [53:30]


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