Ep. 245: “Crazy” Productivity

In this episode Cal – against his better judgment – answers questions on the fly, with no advance plan or preparation. He also does a Deep Dive about the  Twitter fog dissipating and discusses something interesting.

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– What was Twitter anyway? [4:46]


– Is there a difference between passion and calling? [27:09]
– What are the four principles to reimagine knowledge work? [31:50]
– Is movie watching part of the Deep Life? [36:05]
– Does fixed schedule productivity work on a weekly scale? [38:54]
– How does effective altruism fit in value-based lifestyle career planning? [41:01]
– What are Cal’s thoughts on David Graber’s book, “Bull Shit Jobs”? [44:00]
– Do distracted adolescents risk losing the ability to focus as they grow older? [46:57]
– Does slow productivity assist with parenting and professional development? [48:29]


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