Ep. 249: The Good Enough Job (w/ Simone Stolzoff)

Do you live to work or work to live? In this episode, Cal talks with author Simone Stolfzoff about his provocative new book, THE GOOD ENOUGH JOB. Cal then answers listener questions about escaping professional unhappiness, and then switches gears in the Something Interesting segment to talk about the critical technological breakthrough that not enough people yet are talking about.

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– Cal talks about the Good Enough Job with author Simone Stolzoff [4:40]


– What kind of a job do I want? [59:31]
– If I enjoy my job, why can’t I focus? [1:05:28]
– Should I give up on finding an academic job? [1:17:23]
– Should I cut my salary in half to escape the hyperactive hive mind? [1:25:07]


– Apple’s most interesting new tech strategy has nothing to do with A.I. [1:34:41]


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