Ep. 253: Making Time for What Matters (w/ Laura Vanderkam)

In this episode, Cal is joined by Laura Vanderkam (author of Tranquility by Tuesday and co-host of the Best of Both Worlds podcast) to tackle a collection of your questions about the struggle to make time for the various things that matter most from your career to your family to your hobbies.

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INTERVIEW (w/ Laura Vanderkam):

– Laura’s books [19:45]


– Is the deep life only available to people with high salaries? [31:44]
– Is it possible for a mom to succeed in academia? [39:41]
– How do I find the time to land a job that requires less time? [50:26]
– Am I too old to leave a career that fills me with dread? [56:17]
– Am I crazy for thinking I can work from home with a baby? [1:01:04]
– How do I create a deep life with kids? [1:05:53]
– How do I stop over-committing? [1:14:19]


– Slow Time During Japan’s Edo Period [1:30:41]



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