Ep. 283: How To Organize Your Life

What is the correct first step in transforming your life into something deeper? Traditional advice says to start with a clear vision of what you value. Cal has been arguing that it’s instead more important to develop a foundation of discipline. In this episode, he explores a more specific variation of this idea: perhaps the best way to prepare to pursue the big is to first learn how to control the small.

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– How to organize your life [2:30]


– How do I “stay deep” when facing major changes? [36:37]
– How do I relax when I’m always so busy? [39:13]
– What is the difference between rituals and routines? [43:11]
– Can playing video games be part of a deep life? [51:28]
– Can deep life buckets connect to strategic plans? [57:40]
– CALL: Juggling multiple priorities to live a deep life [1:01:47]


– Becoming organized to prevent overwhelm [1:07:40}


– How many books did you read in 2023? [1:13:48]


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