Ep. 286: Rethinking Self Help

A key step in cultivating a deep life is reflecting on what matters to you and the best strategies for pursuing it. This, in turn, requires that you engage in the consumption of some manner of self help. It’s here that many people sell themselves short, limiting this intake to short videos and the occasional advice guide. In today’s episode, Cal talks about cultivating a much richer approach to self-help in which you’re able to take in wisdom from a variety of sources of various levels of sophistication.

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– Rethinking Self Help [3:21]


– How can I prevent hard tasks from derailing my productivity systems? [38:50]
– Should I get ahead in my career with a project that I hate? [47:54]
– How can I make progress on my novel when my day job drains me? [52:39]
– Is there such a thing as too much deep work? [59:32]
– CALL: Will short deep work sessions work to write effectively? [1:12:17]


– Reducing stress with slow productivity [1:18:40]


– The 5 Books Cal Read in January 2024 [1:30:22]


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