Ep. 287: Minimalist Notes

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A deep life requires that you encounter and make sense of a large amount of incoming information, from narrow data relevant to a professional project, to broad insights into your purpose. How do you keep track of all of this? In this episode, Cal proposes a minimalist approach aimed at minimizing the friction required to keep tabs on what matters.

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– How to track information that matters [2:55]


– How should I make use of non-cognitive time? [27:39]
– Can people with ADHD become better at learning? [32:39]
– What does Cal think of Gloria Mark’s “4 myths of attention span”? [36:33]
– How can I concentrate on my dissertation when I have a full-time job? [47:05]
– How ca I stop wasting my afternoon time blocks? [53:20]
– CALL: How can I better organize my idea notebooks? [1:01:43]


– Avoiding the hyperactive hive mind to work more efficiently [1:05:50]


– Is it bad to be slow? [1:13:46]


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