Ep. 291: Doing Better, Do Less

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What does the story of the rise of the singing superstar Jewel teach us about escaping busyness in our knowledge work jobs? In this episode, Cal makes the connection, extracting a key lesson about quality as an engine for slowness, and then providing concrete advice and examples for applying this lesson to your own professional life. Also: listener questions and the books Cal read in February.

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– Doing Better, Do Less [4:54]


– Is my job too hard? [38:18]
– How do I sell myself better? [42:44]
– How do I convince myself to do actual hard work? [45:41]
– How do I find time to get better if I’m busy? [48:28]
– What is the values plan? [53:17]


– The 5 books Cal read in February 2024 [1:01:36]

The Sabbath (AJ Heschel)
Making Movies (Sidney Lumet)
Killer of the Flower Moon (David Grann)
Orthodoxy (G.K. Chesterton)
The Good Shepherd (CA Forestor)

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