Ep. 294: A Tactical Assault on Busyness

One of the biggest problems afflicting knowledge workers in the digital age is frantic busyness; days filled with emails, chats, and meetings, without much to show for all the effort. In today’s episode, Cal dives into one of the most-discussed ideas from his new book, Slow Productivity, which offers a simple, tactical assault on this state of persistent busyness. He then answers listener questions about similar issues and lists the book he read in March.

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– A Tactical Assault on Busyness [3:39]


– How can I stop chasing the “perfect” productivity system? [34:40]
– How do I avoid losing my day to distraction? [38:57]
– How do I help my partner escape meeting quickstand? [42:25]
– How do we design the perfect client/task/scheduling system? [48:49]
– Can Apple Vision Pro help deep work? [54:35]


– The 5 Books Cal Read in March 2024

A Short History of England (Simon Jenkins)
Into the Impossible (Brian Keating)
The Amen Effect (Sharon Brous)
Sink the Bismark! (CS Forester)
Hidden Potential (Adam Grant)


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– Finish One Week Of Work Today – Life Changing Advice To Get Your Life Back | Cal Newport

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