Ep. 296: Jane Austen’s To-Do List (LIVE)

In the first ever live episode of Deep Questions, recorded at People’s Book in Takoma Park, MD, Cal extracts a modern productivity lesson from the tale of Jane Austen’s frustrated ambitions, before taking questions from the audience.

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– Jane Austen’s To-Do List [5:15]


– Is Cal building his YouTube channel with social media tactics? [27:36]
– How can I do less things in such a busy world? [31:53]
– How do I escape the flow state? [37:01]
– How can someone become a star while obsessing over craft? [40:52]
– How can I apply Slow Productivity to unrelated projects? [46:40]
– How does Cal develop his writing frameworks? [50:20]
– How can I apply Slow Productivity principles to a team? [52:48]
– How can I avoid the Zoom apocalypse? [57:48]
– Is there a conflict between working at a natural pace and obsessing over quality? [1:07:16]
– How can a personal trainer build a wellness solution company? [1:09:46]
– How can our team not get delayed with technical problems? [1:13:00]
– How can I young lawyer manage peer relationships with teams? [1:16:38]


– Busy People vs Productive People: What It Takes To Achieve Mastery & Avoid Burnout | Cal Newport


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