Ep. 300: Hidden Technology Traps

There has been a lot of attention paid recently to the impact of technology like social media on the mental health of young people. But this is not the only technology trap lurking for this generation. In this episode, Cal talks about three subtle but significant ways in which our current technology culture is setting up young people for professional failure in the years ahead. He then provides some advice for resisting this fate. In addition to this discussion, he answers questions from the audience and reacts to one of the coolest examples of slow craft that he’s encountered in a long while.

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– The Burnout Society [7:53]


– How can I stop distraction relapses? [35:19]
– How can I reduce my social media addiction without abandoning these technologies? [39:37]
– How can I schedule deep work with a scattered class schedule? [44:29]
– How should I reintroduce video games after a successful digital declutter? [47:15]
– How do I apply Slow Productivity later in life? [51:13]
– CALL: How to formulate a deep life when you’re young [54:47]


– Tweaking the time block planner [1:07:01]


– A Slow Reconstruction of an Ancient City


– The Burnout Society: How The Modern World Is Stealing Young Peoples’ Future | Cal Newport


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