Ep. 307: Ultra-Processed Content

Why are we comfortable with the idea that ultra-processed foods are bad for us but feel somehow anti-technology to say something similar about the ultra-processed content generated by social media platforms. In this episode, Cal draws analogy to the food system to find a more sustainable and practical way to repair our relationship with various forms of media. He then answers questions and calls, shares an inspiring case study, and, due to popular request, gives his opinion on Jonathan Haidt’s new book, THE ANXIOUS GENERATION.

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– Ultra-Processed Content [2:10]


– How would Cal update his college books to deal with the modern day technology distractions? [28:38]
– How can I introduce more balance into my highly focused life? [34:48]
– Is it ok to play Candy Crush while listening to podcasts? [42:25]
– How do I find time for deep thinking in a distracted life? [45:30]
– How can I work deeper in a shallow pond? [49:50]
– CALL: Using extended periods of time to plan [57:38]


– Making a career change with a safety net [1:00:32]


– The Anxious Generation [1:10:21]


– Uncomfortable Truth About Social Media (Avoid Distracting Content & Control Your Life) | Cal Newport


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